Back from his trip to a Tibetan lama, or to Tahiti to paint watercolors, or just hangin’ out dirt biking, Brad McQuaid keeps up his blog output with the first of a promised series with his Vanguard: Post-mortem Part 1.

It’s really hard to avoid pile-on, and I’m sure that Mr. McQuaid is sincere when he says he’ll be focusing most of his analysis on what he, himself did wrong.

But in this first post, he essentially says that one reason why Vanguard failed is that they didn’t have enough money, and they didn’t have enough money because they didn’t get a promise in writing before Microsoft sold Sigil.

This post has been linked more than almost any other MMO post in recent history. Even if only half of it’s true, even if that’s just one guy’s perspective — and it is — does this sound like a company that needed more of a blank check?

The most shocking reality that I don’t think anyone really ever understood is that Vanguard was made (exclusively the design staff, I should say) COMPLETELY by amateurs. People who had been hired less than a week with 0 prior experience were tasked with designing entire newbie areas that shipped. People who had never produced a game in their life were asked to fix a 40 million dollar fuck up. People with no experience were asked to fix the item, diplomacy, ability, content, quest and pretty much every system in the game.

Sometimes, in a hole, somebody has to tell you to put the spade down.