People are failing to grasp how revolutionary the change that Blizzard is putting in place with 3.2 instance timers for WoW is.

Read the text:

Unless you're fighting fascism, you're not in a hurry.

In the next patch a new feature will be become available that will give players the option to extend the instance lock, or instance ID of a raid or heroic dungeon.

It will be possible to extend an instance lock more than once and each extension will grant an additional amount of time equal to the duration of the original instance lock. In other words, you’d gain 24-hours if you chose to extend the instance lock of a heroic dungeon, whereas you’d gain 7-days by extending the lock on Ulduar. Additionally, extending an instance lock is a choice that’s solely up to each individual, and is not controlled by the group’s party or raid leader.

That means if your guild is working on, say, Yogg-Saron (as mine is, in point of fact), you can choose either to let the instance roll over and hit the farm bosses again the next week, or keep the timer alive and work on Yogg-Saron for as long as you want.

The difference between this and, say, Everquest 2’s system is that there is no forced reset. In the current PTR iteration, the instance can be prolonged indefinitely.

This effectively makes all farm content optional, at least until you’ve fully cleared the instance the first time. Raiders are now free to pursue progression at their own pace, without feeling time’s winged chariot at their heels.

Patch 3.2’s raid extension feature clarified.