Ever get sick in your game of choice?I’ve been quite under the weather for almost a week now with an ailment — kidney stones — that periodically lays me low. Unlke a lot of people with long-term ailments, mine comes and goes with little or no warning and has little effect on me when it’s not kicking my kidney into the ground.
I recognize that it kind of flies in the face of the empowerment fantasies that most of us seek in massive games, but are there any MMOs that really try to incorporate illness as a gameplay mechanism? I don’t mean something as simple as a buff/ debuff system. I mean something that actually takes illness and tries to address it through gameplay? Something along the lines of Psychonauts, maybe?

For something that is a part of so many peoples’ lives, massive titles really don’t, I think, have a history of looking at disability and illness as something other than a punishment for non-optimal gameplay.