So when I go on vacation, I come back more rested and ready to work. Birds tweet a little louder, my coworkers seem less irritating, and my workday seems to move much more briskly.

Massive titles have adopted something similar, with XP gains growing larger after a period of inactivity, but what about in-game vacations? What about a system that encourages you to do something besides what you do most?

Imagine a system whereby if you, say, spent most of your time raiding, you could increase your raiding performance (health increase, damage increase, whatever) for a certain amount of time by, say, PvPing? Conversely, if you went on your first raid in a month, why not buff the damage you do against other players? Or if you were a crafter, and you won your first pvp contest in a month, you’d get an extra chance of critical crafting gains.

Would be a gentle way to nudge people into exploring different aspects of the game and gently suggesting people explore all the content games have to offer.