I’m really not one to complain about server downtime in World of Warcraft. I truly do understand and sympathize with the networking engineers at Blizzard, who are dealing with problems of a scale no one has ever had to deal with before, in terms of having millions and millions of concurrent users in a real-time virtual environment.


For the past three weeks, my guildies and I have been trying to do raids during the middle of the week. And each week, our very limited playtime has been compromised by server instability and lag that the game hasn’t seen since the very bad old days of late 2005.

And none of us is leaving for another game.

Why? It’s pretty simple. There’s nothing better and more stable. And it really cheeses me off that Blizzard can know that it has all the time in the world to fix these kinds of problems, because they really aren’t going to lose customers to such an extent that quality of service becomes a priority for them.

I wish they wanted to be better, not just be the best.